General questions

What is DTCOIN?

DTCOIN is the first cryptocurrency with a value that always increases and can never go down. DTCOIN is transferable from Wallet to Wallet in real time. It is already available in many stores through the DT Pay app.

Is the DTCOIN software released under an open source license?

Not in this phase of launching because the ease of mining today, would cause DTCOIN to create an excess of money not proportional to its diffusion. The open source code will be issued at 80% by the end of September 2018 to allow verification through social media and reference sites and then be released 100% by the end of 2019, allowing mining from home.

Where is located the DTCOIN blockchain?

In this phase of centralized management, the blockchain rests on servers in the UK.

What does DTCOIN mean?

The acronym DT stands for Data, its meaning indicates the acquisition of data, which are a key point in the development of DTCOIN.

How does DTCOIN work?

DTCOIN is in effect a cryptocurrency. It has an encryption code that allows the exchangeability and spendability according to the typical logic of cryptocurrencies, but with lower costs and greater price stability thanks to the reference market in which DTCOIN is inserted for its launch.

How can I purchase DTCOIN?

DTCOIN can be purchased through the DT Community, a network distribution program, or directly on the reference market.

What is the exchange with DTCOIN?

Today DTCOIN can be traded through the Forced Market Cap, a new concept exchange based on the principle of forced capitalization with cycles.

Is there a minimum purchase of DTCOIN?

The DTCOIN can be purchased in lots of 20 euros on the market or through the packs provided for members of the DT Community with whom a certain amount of coins are optional which confer the right, through a process of POS delegates, to the mining carried out today by the company .

Are DTCOIN transferable?

Of course, they are transferable from wallet to wallet simply and safely.

Are there any network fees when transferring the DTCOIN?

No, wallet to wallet transfers are free as long as the mining is centralized; with the POW mining implementation scheduled for the end of 2019, they will have a network cost fee of 0.5%.

How much time do I wait to receive DTCOIN after a transaction?

The expected time under current conditions is less than 1 second

Is DTCOIN really used by people?

The community is very young and in constant growth; in  June 2018, the DT Pay app was launched. It allows users to spend DTCOIN in the affiliated shops.
For users there will also be a price advantage if they pay in DTCOIN.

How difficult is it to make a payment in DTCOIN?

Through the use of a QR code you can make payment or transfer via the dedicated application in a few moments using the camera of your mobile phone or through the cut and copy of the target wallet on your PC.

What are the advantages of DTCOIN?

DTCOIN stands out for its stability, price predictability, exchangeability and spendability. DTCOIN in fact is born to be used concretely and daily and to consolidate its circulation.

Why do people trust DTCOIN?

Because it differs from ordinary cryptocurrencies who are subject to high volatility and large fluctuations in value.

Can I make money with DTCOIN?

Through the DT Community you can build a distribution team by receiving commissions according to a 100% merit-based compensation plan. You can also focus on the growth of its value in the reference market to obtain a profit from the purchase and resale in the market.

Is DTCOIN anonymous?

All wallets and their transactions are encrypted with an alpha-numeric 90-character hash. This makes the transaction totally anonymous and secure.

What happens if a DTCOIN is lost?

In a centralized system such as DTCOIN, the loss of DTCOIN is extremely unlikely.

DTCOIN can be one of the major payment systems

Price stability and its forced growth thanks to the FMC market mean that DTCoin is the first cryptocurrency that can actually be used as a payment system, as anyone who accepts or receives it is not exposed to the valuation fluctuations typical of ordinary markets with the consequent risk of sales losses.


Is DTCOIN legal?

To this date there is no regulation, so all cryptocurrencies are legal since they are accepted and exchanged.

Is DTCOIN useful for illegal activities?

Although not mandatory, the company that distributes DTCOIN has decided to profile all the owners with KYC modalities acquiring identity document and proof of residence and allowing the opening of a single wallet per name. The documents, stored securely on company servers, can only be viewed at the request of the judicial authorities. This is because DTCOIN wants to counter the illicit use of virtual currencies

Can DTCOIN be regulated?

Certainly with the KYC we have more chances to re-enter in possible future regulation than others because the purpose of the legislation will undoubtedly be the fight against money laundering.

What about DTCOIN and taxes?

It varies according to local regulations. In Italy, recently, the revenue agency has clarified that the declaration of income in the RW framework should include the possession of cryptocurrencies if the average deposit exceeds 51 thousand euro in the calendar year and the capital gains at 26% must be taxed at 26% sale (i.e you pay taxes only on the value sold, the net value of the purchase cost).

What about DTCOIN and consumer protection?

Surely corporate communication is extremely prudential and not aggressive; in official documents the investor is invited to buy only for the value that in no case represents an economic risk for his family.


Is DTCOIN a Ponzi system?

A Ponzi system is a pyramid scheme that allows for the remuneration of people whose source  of income is the subscription paid by the new subscribers. In the cryptocurrency market where people can freely purchase and sell, and the price is determined by the difference between the selling price and the purchase cost, the concept of Ponzi scheme can not be applied. Many have tried to discredit the bitcoin itself by tracing it to a Ponzi scheme because as the value grows, according to the defamers, more people are needed to satisfy the seller’s profit. In reality, this is not the case as the value of the sale is recognized simply by a buyer willing to pay the price reached by the coin.

Does DTCOIN unjustly benefit the first to adopt it?

Those who bought Apple or Amazon shares first were unfairly advantaged? No. It is only the right recognition for those who have trusted the origin of the company when the value of the single share was obviously much lower than the current value.

Will the limited amount of DTCOIN not constitute a limitation?

Absolutely not. The limited quantity is necessary to avoid inflating the currency with new issues and the scarcity on the market helps to increase the value if there continues to be demand.

Are speculation and volatility a problem for DTCOIN?

In the cyclical market with a forced capitalization there is no volatility effect since the variable is not the loss of value in the event that there is an excess of sales, but a lower easiness to sell and therefore possibly greater expectations (therefore the variable is the time and not the price). With regard to speculation, DTCOIN was created to be a currency with a predictable trend and therefore suitable for trade and spending; today there are users who exploit the market to carry out daily trading operations for speculative purposes only because they have not understood the logic of the cycles. No need to trade: simply by waiting you can get the same result. In fact, the basic principle on which DTCOIN is founded is “buy as soon as you can, sell as late as you can”. This is because in a market with forced capitalization the price is governed by the increase in purchases and does not depreciate with sales, so the price you pay in the purchase will always be the best price and the more the coin you keep in the portfolio, the higher the profit will be deriving from its resale.

What happens if someone buys all the existing DTCOIN?

In a currency exchanged in an ordinary market, the value can be influenced by “whales” or by groups of investors who buy large sums to increase the value by dragging the masses into the euphoria of the price increase, and then selling for a  huge profit and transferring on the masses the problem of the price drop deriving from huge sales. In the DTCOIN reference market, on the other hand, a whale that buys large quantities of DTCOIN raises its price and when it sells, it will be the same whale subject to the waiting time variable, but it would not cause a price drop.

What happens if someone creates a better cryptocurrency?

In reality it is not a question of better or worse currency, but of how much people trust and use the currency.

How are the DTCOIN created?

Through a centralized mining process with POS technology.

Why do the DTCOIN have value?

The value is determined by the market: each coin has a certain value because there is someone willing to pay that price for it.

What determines the price of DTCOIN?

The price is determined by purchases on the market and by all the services that DTCOIN has created and is still creating. See the White paper for more details.

Can DTCOIN lose its value?

The market in which today DTCOIN is traded is a cyclical market with a forced capitalization, i.e the price is determined on the basis of purchases and does not decrease in proportion to sales. The ease of selling depends on the volumes purchased on the market.

Is DTCOIN a bubble?

In reality, the concept of a bubble is not really applicable to cryptocurrencies: we can speak of a bubble in the case of equities where the price is extremely higher than the value of the company assets. In the case of cryptocurrencies, there is no basic asset value and the value is relative to the price that buyers are willing to pay on the market.


What will the cost of the transaction be?

Throughout 2019, wallet-to-wallet transfers will have no network costs. From 2019, part of the mining will be POW and therefore a fee of 0.5% is expected

Che cosa succede se ricevo un DTCOIN quando il computer è spento?

The wallets are online in the cloud, so you can also get DTCOIN when you are offline. When you connect, the system updates.

How fast is a transaction?

Transaction times are less than one second.


How can I mine the DTCOIN?

From September it will be possible to mine POS with delegation to the company or on its own; from 2019 also with POW and with new technology we are adopting

How does DTCOIN mining work?

With POS technology, for which a greater number of coins in the portfolio corresponds to greater possibilities of mining.


Is DTCOIN safe?

We adopt the best authentication technologies and an extremely reliable and consolidated server.

Has DTCOIN ever been attacked by hackers in the past?

They tried several times but the attempts were foiled. The only attempt that led to the transfer of coins was immediately recognized and thwarted and the coin reassigned to the starting wallet. This is possible thanks to the fact that management is now centralized.

Is DTCOIN vulnerable to quantum computers?

It is not possible to answer this question because it is not possible to test: the first quantum computer was put online by IBM in 2016 in the cloud and the second is currently being tested by Google. There are no others in the world. So it’s like asking if we are vulnerable to the attack of aliens: we can not know until they invade the planet.