Who We Are

DTCOIN is the first cryptocurrency with a value that always increases and can never go down.
DTCOIN is transferable from wallet to wallet in real time. To date it is already available in many stores through the DT Pay app.


DTCOIN aims to be the first cryptocurrency really expendable and transferable anywhere.
The other cryptocurrencies are not yet established for payments because their value is variable. DTCOIN aims precisely to overcome this limit. The value of DTCOIN is in fact stable because it is based on a market concept with a forced capitalization, which makes the coin predictable in its growth.


We want to offer much more than just an opportunity: we clearly explain how to get the best results, thanks to a simple and affordable system. We guide you step by step in the discovery of DTCOIN and the world of cryptocurrencies with a complete and constant training path.


The culture of DTCOIN is based on solid ethical and moral values that guide us in pursuing company strategies. Our principles are based on the constant commitment to offer maximum transparency and reliability. DTCOIN represents an opportunity on a global level, which everyone can grasp in a simple and safe way.


Daniele Marinelli

Daniele Marinelli, 46 years of Roman origins, twenty-three years of freelance as an accountant and business consultant at the Prati district of Rome. In 2010 he took on the role of corporate advisor and was among the first in Italy to buy Bitcoin, feeling the potential of the blockchain technology.
In 2016 he devoted himself to the analysis of cryptocurrencies built on economic systems, moving along the path that led to the creation of DTCOIN.


Blocktech LTD

Blocktech is a company based in Dubai (UAE), specialized in the development of informatic systems, in blockchain and in the construction of cryptocurrencies. The founders participated in the creation of eight blockchain cryptocurrencies for international platforms.

DT Merchant LTD

DT Merchant LTD is a London company that deals with the relationship with companies and the large distribution for the creation of the DT Shop marketplace.

DT Cloud Data LTD

DT Cloud Data LTD is the company that deals with the storage of data collected through the DT Circle system with DTCOIN, based in Dubai (EAD).

DT Data Licence LTD

DT Data License LTD is the company in charge of training and marketing the mining software license and the use of DTCOIN. This company, led by a team of experts in the field of blockchain training, has the task of divulging the use of cryptomonete and the DTCOIN product, with its vision and philosophy.



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